Jesus in America

I saw this on Facebook but since I don’t share this kind of thing on there anymore because of the Mormon thought police I had to share it here. It is in the category of Things Jesus Never Said:


  1. #thingsjesusneversaid haha how ironic coming from a so-called Christian. Your corrupt gospel is full of "things Jesus never said". Let's start with your man made doctrine of hell or the Trinity? How you have forced conversions and retained memberships through fear and threats of hell. Also how you've butchered the Bible adding and taking away as you've seen fit?

    Please explain to your readers how little traditional Christianity resembles Historical Christianity. Why is that I wonder?

    My faith had been based on a certain view of the Bible as the fully inspired inerrant word of God. Now I no longer saw the book that way. The Bible began to appear to me as a very human book. Just as human scribes had
    copied, and changed, the text of scriptures, so too had human authors originally written the texts of the scripture. This was a human book from beginning to end.
    - Bart Ehrman (Misquoting Jesus)
    New Testament scholar and Professor of Religious Studies

    You people have done more damage to the original gospel of Christ than the Mormons could ever do.


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