Mike and Lynn Wilder


Our very good friend Bobby Gilpin over at Mormonism Investigated has been busy (really, when does he sleep?) arranging for the visit of Mike and Lynn Wilder, recent converts from Mormonism to the Christian Faith. It is a truly remarkable story and if you can make any of the dates and venues it will be well worth your time. Here is a  little blurb from Bobby’s website and a link for you to follow and find out more:

For 30 years, Dr. Wilder and her husband Michael were temple recommend-holding, active members of the LDS church and held numerous leadership positions. Their four children were all faithful and active in the church like their parents, with the three oldest serving missions in Russia, Denmark and Florida. In 1999 the Wilder’s moved from Indiana to Utah when Dr. Wilder was offered a prestigious position at BYU. Then in 2006, everything changed.

This June, Michael and Lynn are coming to the UK on a ministry tour. Their hope is to meet with various people and churches around the country, this is a very rare and excellent opportunity to be able to meet and learn from this couple. Its the hope of this ministry that many Christians will have a better understanding of the Mormon church and how to witness to its members as a result of attending one of our upcoming sessions. We have 4 sessions planned in different parts of the UK. These events are all free to attend but an offering will be taken to assist with the costs involved with putting them together…find out more here.


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