Friday, 25 October 2013

Union Square Plan of Salvation

So two Mormon missionaries decided to draw in chalk the Mormon Plan of Salvation in Union Square, New York and it did appear to attract a lot of attention. You can read about it in the Deseret News. But watch the film and look carefully for what is not included in this familiar, if novel, representation of what Mormons consider to be true Christianity.

Here are some clues: 29 seconds; 1 minute and 33 seconds (the kid in the yellow top) and the aerial view at the end. Knock yourself out and find it...


  1. OK, here is my guess. What is missing?
    @ 29 seconds he talks about where WE came from, why WE are here and where WE are going. Focus is man, not Jesus. ~Col 1:16 it's all about Him (not all about us). Everything that exists is created by Him and FOR Him. (Col 1:16).
    @ 1:33 the guy in the yellow writes out atonement, but leaves out the most important part- I never saw Who was the atoning sacrifice.
    @ end, I don't know, too hard to see. Please let me hear your take on it.
    Is it Jesus that is missing?

    1. Hello Red, You make some very important points. It is about Me! Isn't it? Me, me, me...In fact, there is more detail in the pre-mortal and the post-mortal worlds than in this world, and all of it concentrated on - me. Where I come from, where I am going.

      But the point I wanted to highlight you got too. Where is Jesus? Indeed, more to the point, where is the Cross? Under the world ATONEMENT there is the outline of a figure but no label that I could see and, certainly, no Cross on which Jesus atoned for the sins of the world.

      The end is simply an aerial view that allows you to take in the whole picture and, again, no Cross.

      God bless you Red and I hope you are having a splendid Sunday worshipping the Jesus who saves to the uttermost.