Sunday, 20 December 2009

MormonTimes - Remember the Prophet Joseph Smith's birthday

Is there anything that goes by the name “Christian” that has not been usurped, abominated, surpassed and eclipsed by that damnable heresy Mormonism! Let us not allow Christmas to draw our attention away from the great event of the ages – the birth of Joseph Smith. Let us not permit the events recounted in the gospels to distract us from the great events of the “Restoration”. God forbid that the annunciation of angels, the trembling wonder of shepherds and the reverence of wise men at the advent of God become flesh should eclipse the news of the “First Vision.” God forbid that the prophet of prophets should be eclipsed by the King of kings. God knows I try to be patient, to build bridges and show respect but this is an assault on all that is called Christian and I condemn and abhor it.
Christmas is a busy time of year. However, Dec. 23 is a good time to remember and reflect on all that Joseph Smith did for each of us. He was and is a Prophet of God.
MormonTimes - Remember the Prophet Joseph Smith's birthday

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